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Two men read screenplays that never made it to the big screen. Some of these screenplays were works by these two and some are professional works that just never made it.
The one unifying characteristic of all of these scripts is that they're BAD. As such, this podcast is about more than just reading scripts, these two brave microphone jockeys also tirelessly mock the things they read, often with the help of their friends.

Hosted by: Patrick Duffy • Shawn McBee

Produced by: Patrick Duffy

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Table Reads Ep. 54: Roger Rabbit 2: Toon Patrol, Part 5 (FINALE)

Released on Monday, June 26th 2017 @ 7:20PM

It's an action-packed finale as Roger, Jessica, Richie and a calvacade of Toons take on the Nazis and try to save the Allied leaders from a nefarious plot! Will we win the war? Will Roger and Jessica live happily ever after? Will Roger ever find his real mother? HINT: All these questions have the same answer. 

We at Table Reads would like to once again give screenwriter Nat Mauldin massive kudos for such a funny, well-executed script. Our normal fare is mockery, but this script is beyond good; it is a masterwork, a great addition to the Roger Rabbit mythos with a true love of cartoon apparent in every scene. Thanks, Nat. 

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Table Reads Ep. 53: Roger Rabbit 2: Toon Patrol, Part 4

Released on Tuesday, June 20th 2017 @ 6:13PM

In part 4 of the too-good-not-to-have-been-made Roger Rabbit 2: Toon Patrol, our brave, ink-based heroes (and their human friends) are fully engaged in war against the Nazis, fighting for love, and up against a nefarious plot to kill the leaders of the Allied Forces! Meanwhile, Shawn and Trevor keep hoping for something to make this script bad enough to be worthy of this show, but are disappointed as it just keeps being excellent!

If you want more good scripts like this one, there's probably a podcast out there for you. But if you want a podcast where good content is a fluke, leaving the hosts to mock utter garbage on most episodes, then you should go ahead and subscribe, because that's what's on offer here!


Table Reads Ep. 52: Roger Rabbit 2: Toon Patrol, Part 3

Released on Tuesday, June 13th 2017 @ 9:13AM

The 52nd Episode of Table Reads marks one full year of content on our show! (Please ignore how long it took to make it to one year... time is relative). 

This Anniversary episode, we see Roger Rabbit, his friends, and all the other Toons from Toontown join in the war effort against the Nazis! That's right, THIS is the Toon Patrol of the title. Turns out, the movie isn't just about the weasels in Judge Doom's employ. Sort of a confusing subtitle to use for this particular prequel, huh?

Only here on this podcast, find out why the US Military considers Toons to be the ultimate secret weapon in the war against fascism! And find out how well that works out for them (spoiler: exactly as well as you think).

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Table Reads Ep. 51: Roger Rabbit 2: Toon Patrol, Part 2

Released on Tuesday, May 30th 2017 @ 3:12PM

Continuing onto part two of the not-at-all-terrible-but-inappropriately-named Roger Rabbit prequel, Roger Rabbit 2, Roger and Richie become roommates and jump into the bustling Hollywood dating pool. There are acting auditions, chases involving angry military men and, of course, an ominous portent of Pearl Harbor!

And the best part is, it's actually funny! Like, intentionally! (don't get used to it)

Join in the fun with Roger and the gang, subscribe if you'd like the content as soon as it posts and don't forget to check out the rest of the great podcasts on!


Table Reads Ep. 50: Roger Rabbit 2: Toon Patrol, Part 1

Released on Tuesday, May 23rd 2017 @ 10:51AM

In honor of Table Reads reaching 50 episodes, we have a special treat that breaks tradition: A legitimately GOOD script! 
That's right, the aborted prequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, it turns out, is a genuinely good, fun read. But it's our special treat to you and not just an accident because we don't read these things in advance, no sir.

Why it's still called "Roger Rabbit 2" when it's a prequel is anyone's guess, and we've yet to meet any Toon Patrol, but this script shows Roger's humble roots in Kansas, the quest that brings him to Los Angeles, and his fateful meeting with a certain girl named Jessica...

And that's just in part one! As lifelong fans of Roger, we can't wait to see what the rest of the script brings, especially if it's half as good as this part. 

It's kinda messing up our show by being so good, but we can't help but enjoy it anyway.

So give it a listen and don't forget to subscribe!Roger Rabbit


Table Reads ep. 49 - The Crow 3, part 6 (Finale)

Released on Tuesday, May 16th 2017 @ 2:50AM

It's the shocking finale of The Crow 3: Resurrection (of the 80s)! That's right, the late-90s homage to the best of 80s Cop Action Flicks Wrapped in a Crow Premise finally wraps up as we discover the secret of the bad guy's plot, establish The Crow in the familiar face-painted guise we're familiar with and find out what the hell the creature in that box is! 

HAHA, JUST KIDDING. Literally none of those things happen (Spoiler). All that we really learn is that you can cobble together a sequel to a movie that you don't understand, fill it with tropes and clichés from a dated and dead genre and ignore any semblance of a coherent story and 25 years later, some assholes will mock it on a podcast! 

We truly hope you enjoy this last part of The Crow 3: Die Really Hard. Do yourself a solid and subscribe! And if we're not available to subscribe to on your favorite platform, send us an email at and we'll make it happen.

You can also follow us on Twitter: @TheTableReads


Table Reads ep. 48 - The Crow 3, Part 5

Released on Tuesday, May 9th 2017 @ 1:30AM

Kato and his partner Sarah are finally reunited, but Kato is promptly taken away by men in white coats because no one believes that he's part of a secret government agency under the direct purview of the president. 

Also, Lacking a Danny or a Kelly for the girl roles, Shawn attempts to read Sarah as Jim Gaffigan's "audience thought" voice for the entire script. 

Will Kato convince his partner that he's a super secret agent? Will we ever see some Crow-style makeup? Will this script ever begin to make any amount of sense?? To find out, Listen and Subscribe!!


Table Reads ep. 47 - The Crow 3, Part 4

Released on Tuesday, May 2nd 2017 @ 8:29AM

We're a little late posting this morning because, while everyone was worried about a writer's strike causing a stoppage of quality content, WE were up all night following the news because we were worried we'd lose the awful garbage that keeps us sustained. 

Speaking of which: It's time for part 4 of The Crow 3: Resurrection! Now that our hero has finally started some post-near-death badassery (aka, dick-ripping), surely this script will get into more familiar Crow territory and become the neo-gothic, angsty action vengeance flick we've been waiting for, right? Right? 

Spoiler: No.

Once again, Trevor and Shawn are joined on this adventure by their old friend Jimie Williams (seriously, he has grandkids). Unfortunately, Danny had a scheduling conflict and was unable to join us, so we all had to split the voicing duties to his characters. Needless to say, we wish he'd been there.

Oh, and hey, if you're listening to this on a platform with some sort of button that says something along the lines of "Subscribe," go ahead and click that button. See what it does. I've always been curious.


Table Reads ep. 46 - The Crow 3, part 3

Released on Tuesday, April 25th 2017 @ 1:30AM

The Crow 3: Die Hard and then Come Back for Revenge continues onto part three! Kato, still in a drooly, catatonic state, drools some more! The bad guys have a bad drug and a mysterious creature in a mysterious box! There are JUNKIES! And a mean HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATOR! 

Will our hero manage to persevere over all these odds? Does he have enough drool to save himself and the ones he loves? Does anything remotely Crow-like even happen in this Crow Sequel? 



Table Reads ep. 45 - The Crow 3, part 2

Released on Tuesday, April 18th 2017 @ 9:00AM

In honor of Easter, which was mere days ago, we continue reading The Crow 3: Resurrection (because, get it, Easter... Resurrection..?)!


In Part 2, things pick up! There's more than one scene, for one thing... That's right, there are wedding bells, interrupted by gunfire -- because why not keep checking off the cliches?? -- the events that will lead to our hero becoming the Crow finally come to pass... but apparently, that Crow is taking a long goddamn time to make its way to him. 


This episode features Jimie Williams and Danny Gorbachov helping to round out the cast and take some of the load off of Trevor and Shawn. Enjoy! And don't forget to subscribe!


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