Table Reads

Two men read screenplays that never made it to the big screen. Some of these screenplays were works by these two and some are professional works that just never made it.
The one unifying characteristic of all of these scripts is that they're BAD. As such, this podcast is about more than just reading scripts, these two brave microphone jockeys also tirelessly mock the things they read, often with the help of their friends.

Hosted by: Patrick Duffy • Shawn McBee

Produced by: Patrick Duffy

Table Reads Ep. 61: The Six Million Dollar Man, Part 2

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Following the not-at-all-seen-from-a-million-miles-away tragic crash of Col. Steve Austin, he wakes to find himself a little the worse for wear, much in the same way that Anakin Skywalker was a little the worse for wear after his fight with Obi Wan on that weird volcano planet. 

What were we talking about? OH, YEAH!

So, you'll never guess who the government decides to use for their super-secret bionics program. Never in a millio--oh, yeah. How'd you guess? Damn, you're good!

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