Renee & Kim are travel Enthusiasts, sharing personal moments of wanderlust and stories of awe-inspiration!

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RoundTrip #005 – #travelsquad | Disney and Universal

Released on Tuesday, February 23rd 2016 @ 11:00AM


Let’s talk about our first time. . . at the Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios. . .  you pervs! Both Renee and our guest, Vonetta, popped their Magic Kingdom cherries . . .  mouse ears, churros and all!

We talk about Disneyland vs. Disney World and how good ole' Disney magic creates a wondrous experience that is both visually stimulating and breath-taking. Both parks creating a fantastic sense of youth that can be enjoyed at any age.

We explore the architectural wonder that is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Fans of the Harry Potter series will especially enjoy the new Diagon Alley experience.

Vonetta, was captivated by the whimsy of SuessLand and found her happy place in the mind of the good Dr. Suess.

The party then moves back to Universal for one more day of fun!


RoundTrip #004 – Chocolate Covered Peeps

Released on Tuesday, February 16th 2016 @ 12:00PM


Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Chocolate covered peeps do exist! What better way to say, “I like you, but not that much” than a gift of chocolate covered peeps?

Renee pays homage to Kim as being the one that connected her back to her long lost traveling roots. Renee’s time in Germany dashing down the autobahn with her mother and eating delicious pretzel sandwiches turns out to be her fondest travel memory.

Kim reminisces on how childhood family vacations have shaped her love for travel. Seems her very first “grown-up” trip to NYC sealed the deal on her love affair with travel.

Since its Valentine’s Day, the conversation takes a turn down the dating lane. If you don’t like to travel and watch football, it looks like Kim isn’t the catch for you. She will pass you a pack of chocolate covered peeps and bid you adieu.  

Renee refuses to put a foot in Kim’s travel shame bucket, but admits that she has chocolate covered peeps on deck! 


RoundTrip #003 – Wonders of the World and Rock Love

Released on Monday, February 8th 2016 @ 8:07PM


Renee makes a trip to the east coast to reminiscence with Kim about the majestic oldness of The Colosseum in Rome, and how we got shutdown when trying to coerce our way in at closing time.

Kim shares her experience tobogganing down the mountains of the Great Wall of China at Mutianyu. She also suggests that you stretch your hammies in preparation for a power walk along the wall. Renee questions the origins of the Great Wall. . .not today Martians. . .not today.

We heart rocks! Renee gives tips on how to see the Grand Canyon by doing a day trip to Williams, AZ and taking the Grand Canyon Railroad. She also shares the fate of Jack and Diane. . . don’t be like Jack and Diane.

In paying tribute to Finding Nemo, we both agree that the Great Barrier Reef would get us closer to our dreams of finding P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. We also decide Mount Everest is a soft pass on our list of wonders to experience. I mean we can’t say never but . . .really?

We discover that Kim talks about travel with E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y including the lady that waxes her, apparently they are really close!

Travel Tips

We share our current reads which coincidentally happen to be revamped fairy tales that take place during modern times. Renee gives us the scoop on why Dorothy Must Die, a young adult trilogy novel by Danielle Pages. Kim discovers chick-lit novel Cinder & Ella and how modern romance helps one woman find her prince charming.



RoundTrip #002 - Travel Resolutions

Released on Wednesday, January 20th 2016 @ 11:47AM


Renee talks about reconnecting for 2016, getting the #travelsquad together, and travel options for her B-day extravaganza which consist of going to Panama, Amsterdam or Dublin!

We give a shout out to low cost carrier Wow Airlines, an Icelandic airline that offers discount flights in Boston, Washington, DC and Los Angeles. 

Kim shares her fantasy of becoming a Las Vegas BOSS, stacking up chips at the poker table in a sparkly dress, while Ron The Henchman carries her chips...BTW there really is no Ron, she totally made him up!

We both agree that we heart NYC. Kim dreams of a trip to Cuba or possibly cruising around the world for 72 nights on Aurora of P&O cruises. Let’s see how that works with her three weeks of vacation!

We chat about our favorite cruise lines and throw shade to the one that we are not fans of.

Travel Tips

We suggest planning trips in advance to take advantage of down payments by using sites such as Delta Vacations. We also suggest opting to pay for travel insurance and have a safety credit card for incidentals. and are a few of Renee's suggested websites to track hotel prices and to plan for future flights. Kim prefers to keep it old school by printing out travel docs and booking directly through hotel and airline websites . .  she's just a little weird like that. . .



RoundTrip #001 - Holiday Travel

Released on Sunday, December 27th 2015 @ 12:00PM


The ladies of RoundTrip introduce themselves, talk about the show, what's new & what's going on.

Holiday Travel

Renee & Kim talk about their latest trip to Mexico, where they stayed at the Gran Caribe Real Resort, in Cancun.

Travel Tips

When is the best time to travel for the holidays and why it might not be A Wonderful Life (sorry, George Bailey)

Travel Gear

Why are foldable duffel bags are the best invention ever?  We'll tell you!  Check out this bag from Raqpak!


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