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RoundTrip #021 – Aww Amsterdam

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You already know that we had a great trip to Paris because we have talked about that trip many, many times since returning. But did you also know we spent a few days in Amsterdam too?

Amsterdam is beautiful and has a very laid back vibe. The city has a slew of museums and is a mix of new buildings, old buildings and canals. Because the city is extremely bike friendly we would suggest to look both ways before crossing streets. . . because a bike will run you over!  

If traveling to Amsterdam from another city in Europe, consider traveling by train. Don’t let anyone convince you to trade seats on the train. . . especially if you are traveling with a “hangry” Kim.  We also suggest that you explore the city on a food tour with Urban Adventures. A trip to Amsterdam is not complete without visiting the Red Light District, if that’s your thing. You should probably get in some culture and check out museums like the Rijksmuseum! Oh, and of course get a selfie with the IAMSTERDAM sign.


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