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RoundTrip #015 - #travelsquad | Being in Brazil

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Now that the 2016 Olympic men’s diving and rugby are over in Rio, we can focus on other things . . . like talking about Brazil!  Outside of cultural revelations observed during our viewing of the Rio opening ceremonies (yes that really was a slave trade re-enactment), we also learn that meat and fruit are a big deal in Brazil!

According to our guest, Brazil is known for its beautiful beaches, so you have to get in some beach time. Hang out at the beaches in Salvador, Bahia and take in all of the many beach vendors selling everything from sunglasses to fried cheese also called "queijo coalho". When the sun goes down, and you’re done with your cheese, take some time to hang out amongst the locals. You can do like Vonetta and check out a local strip club, to observe the polite exchange of services between the beautiful women and men, ask for Gabby (just kidding).

Like any new place, plan your adventure accordingly, and if your cab driver says no to dropping you off someplace, don’t fight it! No matter how much you want to see favelas. Why you would want to see the hood, we don’t know, I mean if you’ve seen one hood you’ve seen them all.

Travel tip for Brazil: Vonetta also advises that you take into account the requirements for entering the country and set aside plenty of time to get through that process. Take your own meds and bring enough currency to buy your fried cheese.



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