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RoundTrip #014 - Cosplay, Conventions and Comics, Oh My!

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This week’s episode is all about conventions! We had the pleasure of sitting down with Christian Monckeberg and Cory Miller to talk Cons. These guys are the the hosts of The Powerful Nerdcast, a fellow Rouge Intel podcast you should check out! Seems there is a Con for everyone! We discuss the do's and don’ts of attending any convention, including Comic Con, Dragon Con, Momo Con and more! We also talk about the intimidation of attending one of these events for the first time.


Travel Tips

Pro-tip #1

Start slow, decide what you want to do and which event is for you. It's a convention so NOW is the time to dust off that My Little Pony costume and go all “equestranaut” on 'em! Are bronies still a thing?

Pro-tip #2

Be sure to participate the unique activities. Cory mentions wrestling at Dragon-Con, which has to be awesome, because #1 it's wrestling and #2 it's wrestling live, 'nuff said.

Pro-tip #3

Don't be afraid to go all out or keep it simple with your cosplay, stick to your level of comfort. However, avoid con-shaming by not being weird and randomly taking photos of people off of the Con floor. Ask and be nice!

Pro-tip #4

Scope out the scene on Thursday, but hit the ground running on Friday and Saturday when the best panels normally take place. Our guests suggest Dragon-Con for you virgins. Start with a one-day pass and then build up to the 3-days pass once you get the hang of it. Remember to keep your shit together when you meet all of the interesting and famous people you're bound to meet at your next convention.

Pro-tip #5

Hydrate! Make sure you have enough water. Christian suggest bringing a Camel-pak to have easy access to water, while freeing up your hands for fun stuff. Also consider downloading the convention app so that you will have easy access to the event schedules.



For your next convention consider these Carry-On suggestions made by Christian and Corey.

Bring your own lanyard to hold your convention credentials. Get yourself a fanny-pack or a better choice, The Joe Rogan Utility Belt to hold your wallet and other personal items.

Budget your cash, bring a real-camera and external battery to charge your phone and HAVE FUN.





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