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RoundTrip #013 - Roadtrip or Nah?

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This week we sat down with the man himself; Executive Producer of Rogue Intel, Patrick Duffy.  Duff is the producer and a co-host for the Prime podcast, right here on our network!  Patrick is a fan of road trips, so we talk about his history behind the wheel, and how to be prepared for the "long haul."

#1 - Be Educated: Before heading out on the road, be sure you know enough about your vehicle (ie; changing a tire) to get by in case of an emergency...that, or have your AAA card ready!

#2 - Have Tools, Will Travel: On a long trip, you should always be armed with at least a screwdriver or a Leatherman. Patrick never leaves home without a Z-rex in his glove-box, that features a seatbelt cutter and glass breaker!  The Leatherman O.H.T. also makes a great addition.

#3 - Power On: With cell phones, tablets and all other car-riding accompaniments, it's always wise to have a way to charge your gear.  Your standard smartphone takes 2 amps of power, to keep it topped up.  Patrick recommends a charger with enough amperage to charge TWO devices at once.  He uses the Monoprice 4.8 amp car charger.  Want even more power?  Monoprice also sells the behemoth 9.6 amp model.

#4 - Maps: Now that you've got your gear charged up, feel free to use your smartphone to map out your route.  We recommend Waze, for the best real-time detour detection in the industry.  PS: Use the "Boy Band" voice for a laugh.

#5 - Get Your JAM on: Music and podcasts can get you through that last stretch of the journey.  Duff recommends using Pandora, Spotify or even Subsonic for a great roadtrip mix.



Today's carry-on is for animal lovers.  For those who enjoy taking their furry family on the road, we recommend Ruffwears' Kibble Kaddie.  It features a 42-cup (10L) capacity, grease-resistant fabric and a stash pocket for other essentials.  At $35-$40 retail, it might just be your next "Must Have" item!

Ruffwears' Kibble Kaddie


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