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RoundTrip #025 – Take Your Asana to Thailand

Released on Monday, August 21st 2017 @ 9:59PM



Thailand is best known as the travel hub of Southeast Asia. Thailand is also known for its tropical beaches, royal palaces, ancient ruins, and beautiful temples.

On this episode we talk with our friend Michelle Ruiz. Bona fide yoga goddess and travel enthusiast, Michelle shares her experiences in Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand. We also talk a bit about practicing yoga and how difficult doing yoga on the beach can be.

If you're stuck on where to stay, internet access, and if you have to bring toilet paper. . . we got you covered on this episode. 


RoundTrip #024 – Inflight Movies | Get Out

Released on Tuesday, July 11th 2017 @ 10:52PM


Long flights deserve awesome movies! Our friend Stacey stuck around after last month’s podcast to chat about the film Get Out. . . A great selection to watch inflight or to download for a long ride. Plot twists, the ending and other details of the film will be discussed. This has been your official spoiler alert! 


RoundTrip #023 – Caribbean Kween

Released on Tuesday, May 30th 2017 @ 3:45PM


Summer is here and if you’re struggling with whether or not to take that solo trip, we say GO! On this episode we chat it up with our travel gal-pal Stacey S., about her solo Caribbean adventures to Turks & Caicos and Jamaica. Be prepared to get some great ideas on activities . . . think lagoons, jet skis, and exploring Caribbean culture.  Just try not to make any babies cry.



RoundTrip #022 – Cuba 101

Released on Saturday, April 1st 2017 @ 10:04PM


Fifty-one years after the initial embargo was placed on Cuba, President Obama lifted some of the travel restrictions. U.S. citizens have always been able to travel to Cuba via Mexico, Canada or a Caribbean island with special permissions. Now it is legal to visit Cuba directly from the States.  Thanks, Obama!

Our special guest Rebecca, aka the Solo-Travelista (totally just gave her that name), chats with us about the basics of traveling to Cuba. We also cover what you should bring, which is a ton of sh!t, to make your trip a bit more comfortable. Remember, flexibility and patience are your friends while you prepare for your Cuban Adventure.

We got so many great tips from Rebecca, we may do a Cuba 102!!!!



RoundTrip #021 – Aww Amsterdam

Released on Wednesday, February 22nd 2017 @ 12:08AM


You already know that we had a great trip to Paris because we have talked about that trip many, many times since returning. But did you also know we spent a few days in Amsterdam too?

Amsterdam is beautiful and has a very laid back vibe. The city has a slew of museums and is a mix of new buildings, old buildings and canals. Because the city is extremely bike friendly we would suggest to look both ways before crossing streets. . . because a bike will run you over!  

If traveling to Amsterdam from another city in Europe, consider traveling by train. Don’t let anyone convince you to trade seats on the train. . . especially if you are traveling with a “hangry” Kim.  We also suggest that you explore the city on a food tour with Urban Adventures. A trip to Amsterdam is not complete without visiting the Red Light District, if that’s your thing. You should probably get in some culture and check out museums like the Rijksmuseum! Oh, and of course get a selfie with the IAMSTERDAM sign.


RoundTrip #020 – Moving to Canada?

Released on Wednesday, January 18th 2017 @ 9:01PM


Haha!! You thought this episode was about Canada, but it’s not! As the inauguration of “he who must not be named” approaches, we laugh at wannabe Canadians. However, because we like you all so much, we decided to craft a handy list of places for you to move that are NOT Canada. Not saying you want to move. . . but if you happen to have a useful set of skills (meaning you need to work for money), hit the lotto, or have $200K (dual citizenship, anyone?) lying around, you probably can move your life to some pretty nice locations around the world. So you, and your spoiled cat Gustavo (Kim totally came up with that name), can enjoy warm sunsets, ocean waves and hopefully avoid any contact with monkeys. F*c&!n monkeys.


RoundTrip #019 – Is 2016 Over Yet?

Released on Wednesday, December 28th 2016 @ 8:27PM


Finally, 2016 is wrapping up but we’ve done a lot of fun stuff this year! From hiking and wine tasting in Sedona, to sightseeing in Paris and exploring Disney, we have had a blast!

As we make our way into the new year, we recall resolutions past and vow not to set the bar too high on resolutions for 2017. After recapping an excellent travel year, we take some time to share our own answers to the #travelsquad questions (why haven’t we done this sooner? Who knows.)

Of course this is our 2016 wrap up episode so we have to leave you with our hopes for the upcoming year to explore, learn and grow!


RoundTrip #018 – #travelsquad | Traveling with Chronic Illness

Released on Saturday, December 10th 2016 @ 11:55AM


We catch up with our #travelsquand member Kyra, who travels more than anyone we know!

Although she lives with chronic illness, Kyra travels the world extensively. She shares her travel experiences with us and great tips on dealing with health, rest and needed medications while exploring abroad. We also cover travel insurance and vaccinations. Always consult with your physician about vaccinations and any potential side effects. Don't be like Kim and try to get your vaccination a week before your trip #thatsnothowthisworks! 


RoundTrip #017 – #travelsquad | New Friends & France

Released on Friday, September 30th 2016 @ 9:09PM


Traveling always allows us to meet new people. Lucky for you, on this episode we share our newest #travelsquad friend Nicole!  

Nicole shares her travel experiences and our affinity for making awesome new friends while traveling.

Besides exploring other cultures, we all agree that it is important to take advantage of unexpected travel opportunities when they pop-up. Well, only if you are lucky enough to have friends who own vineyards in France. We learn how poor planning can be a problem but a few strategically cut chocolate bars, yogurt, and wine can save lives!

So be like Nicole and travel to form connections, explore different cultures, and create new traditions!



RoundTrip #016 – Everything We ❤ About Paris

Released on Tuesday, August 30th 2016 @ 6:42PM


First impressions are the most lasting, and though a bit cruddy and worn out on the edges, after a few days in Paris the beauty of the city is overwhelming.

Getting around Paris was a breeze! From taking Uber to using the metro system, both were easy to maneuver. One note, you must remember to press the exit button to get off of the metro, not all doors open and Kim found that out the hard way.

Paris is known for its culinary treats, so try a food tour to experience how to eat and drink like a Parisian. No trip to Paris is complete without a trip to Versailles and a visit Marie Antoinette’s “hamlet” better known as Petit Trianon. We explored the grounds on a bike tour and had a delightful picnic by the grand canal near the Palace. Go and experience the opulence of the Palace of Versailles.

Speaking of macaroons, ok maybe we were just thinking about them because they were so delicious, take a moment and inhale as many macaroons as you can at Laduree or Pierre Herme. Both are fabulous, but different in the sense of traditional vs unique flavors and presentation. Also check out the independent chocolatiers for macaroons and chocolates that are just as fantastic.

Visit Paris and get lost in its beauty!


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