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RI: Prime #009 - Hello Saturdays

Released on Saturday, February 7th 2015 @ 12:55PM


Radio Shack Files for Bankruptcy (Forbes)

Erie Drug Rings Linked to Mexican Cartel (Go Erie)

Own a Chromecast?  Google Wants To Give You $6 (TechCrunch)

Missouri Family Plots Fake Kidnapping (Fox News)

Windows 10 Releases Partner Build w/ Project Spartan (WinBeta)

Seattle Gets a Marijuana Vending Machine (USA Today

History Rewind:

2/3/1917: The U.S. broke off diplomatic relations with Germany
2/6/1935: The board game Monopoly went on sale for the first time
2/6/1952: Elizabeth becomes queen
2/7/1964: The Beatles arrive in the U.S. for the first time
2/7/1985: Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York" becomes the official anthem of NYC.
2/1/2003: The space shuttle Columbia disintegrated as it entered Earth’s atmosphere 

Born & Died:

2/7/1962: Garth Brooks (b)
2/7/1962: David Bryan (Bon Jovi) (b)
2/4/1913: Rosa Parks (b)
2/6/1911: Ronald Reagan (b)
2/6/1994: Jack Kirby, Cartoonist, X-men, Spiderman and Hulk (d)
2/5/1989: Joe Raposa: Composer/songwriter for Sesame Street (d)

Topics of Discussion:

Super Bowl 49’s Best & Worst Commercials (Rolling Stone)
Article | Duff’s Favorite

Detroit Man Given a Surprise New Car (Yahoo News)

Jimmy Fallon’s Men Do It Again With Brian Williams (Youtube)

5 Things To Know For ‘Walking Dead’ Season 5.2 Premiere (RollingStone)

Not Sure What to Get Him for Valentine's Day? How About a Chocolate Butthole (Cosmo)


Special thanks to Kelly Duffy for hanging out with us!



RI: Prime #008 - Eustace Conway's in the House (Pt.1)

Released on Wednesday, February 4th 2015 @ 11:07PM


Pennsylvania Groundhog 'Forecasts' 6 More Weeks of Winter (ABC)

Lego will produce a Doctor Who-themed set (The Verge)
Article | Firefly Comparison

Microsoft launches Office 2016 Touch preview for Windows 10 (WinBeta)

Raspberry Pi 2 has been released, and is kicking some huge butt! (TNW)

Article | Purchase | Windows Article

History Rewind:

2/1/1884: The Oxford Dictionary made it’s debut.

2/1/1887: Hollywood was officially registered as a “community.”

2/4/1922: Ford buys Lincoln Motors

2/4/1938: Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs, released by Disney

2/1/1949: RCA introduces the 45 RPM record.

2/3/1973: Elton John's’ “Crocodile Rock” Hit’s #1

2/3/1979: The Blues Brothers’ “Briefcase Full of Blues” hits #1

Born & Died:

2/3/1959: Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens & J.P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson (d)

2/1/1975: Big Boi (Antwan André Patton) (b)

2/2/1979: Sid Vicious (d)

2/4/1983: Karen Carpenter (d)

2/2/1996: Gene Kelly (d)

2/2/2014: Philip Seymour Hoffman (d)

Topics of Discussion:

Eustace Conway called and and interviewed with Duff.  The second half of this interview will be posted on next Wednesday's episode.

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RI: Prime #007 - Craptastic Audio Guaranteed

Released on Thursday, January 29th 2015 @ 10:45PM


Sam Smith Forced to Pay Royalties to Tom Petty for Song ‘Stay With Me’ (NME)
Article | Video

Swyp Wants to Own Your Wallet (Engadget)

The Numbers Are in: Sex-related searches on Google (Kotaku) (NYT)

Superbowl Shenanigans:

Has GoDaddy Gone Too Far? (Adweek)

Jeff Bridges records whole album of lullabies for Super Bowl ad (The Verge)
Article | Website

BMW’s ‘Life at the Dawn of the Internet’ (Wired)

History Rewind:

1/30/1920: Japan company, Toyo Cork Kogyo (Later known as Mazda) is formed.

1/26/1934: Sam Goldwyn buys rights to L. Frank Baum’s “The Wizard of Oz”

1/30/1969: The Beatles perform their famous rooftop concert at Apple Records.  It would be their last public performance.

1/27/1973: Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" hits #1.

1/26/1979: "The Dukes of Hazzard" Premieres on CBS

1/27/1984: Michael Jackson films Pepsi ad, catches hair on fire.

1/28/1986: Challenger explodes

Born & Died:

1/27/1756: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (b)

1/30/1930: Gene Hackman (b)

1/30/1951: Phil Collins (b)

1/16/1957: Eddie Van Halen (b)

1/31/1974: Sam Goldwyn (d)

Topics of Discussion:

Tom Delonge leaves Blink-182...again (Rolling Stone)

YotaPhone 2 Review (AndroidCentral)

How Did We Miss This?! Fast & Furious 7 Trailer (Video)

Ghostbusters’ All-female Cast Revealed (US)

French Court rules against naming a child, “Nutella” (The Guardian)

Winners of The Week:

Marshawn Lynch, from the Seattle Seahawks
TMZ | Video

UPS Tinkler from Texas (HuffPo)

Braindead from Boston (

UK Welfare Whale (RightWingNews)


RI: Prime #006 - VR POV FTW BAM ATM?

Released on Thursday, January 22nd 2015 @ 10:09PM


‘Heroes Reborn’ is coming, and ‘Chuck’ is playing a key role (TVLine)

Arizona 1st In Nation To Require High Schoolers To Pass Civics Test (NPR)

Parents investigated for neglect after letting kids walk home alone (Washington Post)

Windows 10 Press Event Coverage (The Verge)

  • Refined Start Menu
  • Universal apps for box XboX One & Windows 10
  • Action Center to replace Charms Bar
  • Cortana voice command interpreter.
  • Voice-activated dictation, anywhere the keyboard is present.
  • New universal apps between all platforms, including:
    A new version of Office for Windows 10, FREE for Phones & Small Tablets
    Project Spartan - Microsoft’s new web browser
    XboX One game streaming to Windows 10 devices
  • The Surface Hub - an 84” Surface device, running Windows 10
  • Windows Holographic
  • Free upgrade to ALL Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 8.1 Phone (For the first year)

History Rewind:

1/23/1849: Elizabeth Blackwell graduates from Geneva College, becoming 1st M.D.

1/24/1935: Kreuger’s Finest & Cream Ale becomes the first ever canned beer.

1/23/1957: Toy company Wham-O, produces the first Frisbees.

1/18/1973: Pink Floyd completed recording on DSOTM.

1/18/1974: Members of Free, Mott the Hoople & King Krimson unite to form “Bad Company.”

1/23/1983: The A-Team debuts on NBC

1/19/1993: Production began on Toy Story, Pixar’s 1st full-length movie.

1/24/2006: Disney announces $7.4b purchase of Pixar

1/21/2009: Toyota passes GM as planet’s biggest auto manufacturer.

Born & Died:

1/21/1738: Edgar Allan Poe (b)

1/19/1809: Edgar Allan Poe (d)

1/24/1941: Neil Diamond (b)

1/19/1943: Janis Joplin (b)

1/22/1949: Steve Perry (Journey) (b)

1/24/1949: John Belushi (b)

1/20/1993: Audrey Hepburn (d)

1/22/2008: Heath Ledger (d)

Guest Spot / Commentary:

Announcement: Eustace Conway from Discovery's Mountain Men will be appearing on the show in early February.

Jimmy Kimmel gets people on the street to give up their passwords (Youtube)
Clip | Full Video

Maroon 5 Crashes Weddings in video for ‘Sugar’ (CNN)
Article | Video

Hollywood Whore, Kevin Hart stars in ‘Get Hard’ - Trailer Released (Youtube)

(WTF) The Vajankle is the Ultimate Sex Toy for Foot Feshists (HuffPo)

18-year-old plans to marry her long-lost father (Newser)

Winners of The Week:

Drunk man tries to have sex with postbox (Telegraph)

5-year-old boy finds gun, shoots baby brother in head (CNN)

Kids, left alone, die in house fire while mother is out getting hair done (CNN)


RI: Prime #005 - 3D-Printed Cobras, Windows 7 & Shot-off fingers, Oh Myyyy

Released on Wednesday, January 14th 2015 @ 10:06PM


Microsoft Ends Windows 7 Mainstream Support (PCWorld)

Microsoft Prepares to Preview Windows 10 for Phones (Verge)

Teenage Knifeman Calmly Calls 999 After Murder (Telegraph)

Female Student Opens Up Some Whoop-Ass on Farting Classmate (Smoking Gun)

3D-Printed Shelby Cobra makes debut at Detroit Auto Show (CNet)

History Rewind:

1/16/19: America starts the prohibition.

1/17/53: Chevy unveils the Corvette at GM’s Motorama auto show.

1/14/54: Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio marry.

1/11/64: The Whisky-a-Go-Go opens in W. Hollywood, Ca.

1/17/66: NBC Greenlights the series, The Monkees

1/15/67: The Packers beat the Chiefs in the first Superbowl

1/14/84: Madonna makes her network television debut on American Bandstand.

1/15/94: Counting Crows make their first (and only) appearance on SNL, which sparked their career.

1/12/97: According to the 1968 movie (2001: A Space Odyssey), the HAL-9000 computer system became operational.

1/17/2012: Co-founder of Yahoo, Jerry Yang was pushed out of the company’s board.

Born & Died:

1966: Rob Zombie (b)

1969: Dave Grohl (b)

1970: Zach De La Rocha, from RATM (b)

Guest Spot / Commentary:

Cadbury Changes Its Creme Egg Recipe (MentalFloss)

Marvel Releases 2nd Trailer For Age of Ultron (Video)

Seattle Dog That Rides Buses to Dog Park, Sans Owner (HuffPo)

Officer Shoots Off Finger In Gun Store; Sues Store (WBKO)
Article | Video

Winners of The Week:


  • Katie Kropas from Weymouth, Mass. (HuffPo)

  • Elderly Woman calls 911 for TV listings - Norwood, Mass. (HuffPo)

  • Steven Tavarez, from Springfield, Mass (Mass Live)

Literal: Aiden Barrios, from Utah (NBC News)


RI: Prime #004 - Morandir's News Ain't About Taylor Swift

Released on Wednesday, January 7th 2015 @ 10:55PM


Scotland could be fossil fuel-free by 2030 (Guardian)

CES 2015: Toyota opens up hydrogen patents (BBC)

CES 2015: NVIDIA’s Tegra X1 will put a teraflop of computing power in your pocket
TNW | TechCrunch

CES 2015: HP Unveils the “Mini” line of computers, Starting at $180 (The Verge)
Article | Video

CES 2015: First Look at the Parrot RNB6 in-dash Android System for Vehicles (AndroidCentral)

Sony to Release an All-you-can-play Subscription Service for $15 / Month (Ars)

Topics of Discussion:

Site News: The new Rogue Intel Forum replaces the blog

Guest call: Morandir from Mind of Morandir announces a new show, with a new host!

'The Interview' Gets VOD Release Via YouTube, Google Play (HuffPo)

Taylor Swift's Gift Giving of 2014 (Youtube)

UK college offers course in capturing the perfect selfie (CNet)

Winners of the Week:

Luke Scott, from South Tyneside, UK (Telegraph)

The Price is Right contestants (Video)

Officer Darryl Jouett, from Kentucky (The Guardian)



RI: Prime #003 - Zero Zucks Given

Released on Wednesday, December 17th 2014 @ 9:48PM


Rotten Tomatoes’ 19 Worst movies of 2014 (HuffPo)
Around 100,000 Wordpress sites infected by SoakSoak malware (Ars)
Seagate starts shipping 8TB hard drives for $260?! (Engadget)

Topics of Discussion:

Charge your phone in a Serbian “Strawberry Tree” (CNN)
11 Ways to Eat More Healthily - Without Ruining Your Life (Guardian)
The Most Horrifying Fast Food Menu Items Of 2014 (HuffPo)

Winner's of the Week:

Pantless Anti-Caroler (HuffPo)
Trevor Jones - South Dakota (HuffPo)


Brian Zuckerman from the band, Cyrenic

1st song: Constant Change
2nd song: Autumn

Metaphor, by Cyrenic is out now
iTunes | Amazon | Spotify | Play Music | Website


RI: Prime #002 - Devil's Advocate

Released on Friday, December 12th 2014 @ 12:41AM


Pirate Bay Knocked Offline...Again! (CNet)
TOR Gets Broken by Big Brother (Slate)
Family Lived With Corpse For Six Months, Needs Counseling (Newser)
HBO Go, Goes Cable-free! (Cnet)

This Week in History:

12/9/21: Thomas Midgeley Jr (Engineer @ GM) first added tetraethyl lead to gasoline, to eliminate engine “knocking.” Midgeley nearly died of lead poisoning, two years later.
12/10/15: Ford rolls out its’ 1 millionth car, in Detroit.
12/8/1979: Styx went No. 1 on the charts with “Babe.”

Born & Died:

12/12/15: Frank Sinatra (b)
12/12/38: Connie Francis (b)
12/11/1958: Frank Carlton Serafino Feranna, Jr (Nikki Sixx) (b)
12/8/1980: John Lennon (d)
12/8/2004: Dimebag Darrell (d)
12/10/1967: Otis Redding (d)
12/14/1799: George Washington (d)

Topics of Discussion:

New Intuitive Phones
Puzzlephone | Yota 2
10 Wacky U.S. Restaurants (CNN)
28 Months On Mars (NYT)
New tests show that Solid State Drives can handle a thousand years of use. (Engadget)

Winners of the Week:

Bad Santa in Viejo (CNN)
Amazon Fire TV Update Bricks Hacked Devices (Hackaday)
Literal - Andrea Hutzler (Huffington Post)


RI: Prime #001 - Rawr!

Released on Saturday, November 29th 2014 @ 11:23PM


Sony's pulled PS Vita ad is embarrassing for everyone (The Verge) Article | Video | Pic

Sony Pictures hacked, entire computer system reportedly unusable (TheNextWeb)

Facebook’s social network for businesses reportedly launching January ‘15 (TheNextWeb)

The fuel cell vehicles of the LA Auto Show (Ars Technica) Article | Pic

Solar and Wind Energy Start to Win on Price vs. Conventional Fuels (NY Times)


Topics of Discussion:

The holiday season is here.  Carrie and Duff talk about there Thanksgiving dinner.

“Black Friday” Movie trailer (Nacho Punch)
Web comedy squad pokes fun of crazed Americans.

“Jurassic World,” movie trailer was released on Thanksgiving! (The Verge)

Best Phones of the Year
Lifehacker lists 5 best android phones (Article)

  • HTC One M8
  • Moto X (2014 Edition)
  • Nexus 5
  • Sony Xperia Z3
  • OnePlus One (Oppo spinoff compamy)

Our entries:

  • Nexus 6 w/Lollipop
  • Nokia Lumia 630 on Cricket


  • iPhone 6 = $649 - $849
  • iPhone 6 Plus = $749 - $949

Holiday gift ideas:

Jolly Roger replica flag from Apple designer:  (The Verge)
$1900 for 3’x5’ or $2500 for 4’x6’

Planetary Glass Set (CNet)


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