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Patrick Duffy & Carrie Lamb showcase the best (and worst) trends, fads and crazes and give you our twisted opinions on them,  From Hypercolor to Hacky Sacks, we'll tell you if they're truly Fadtabulous or just a dud!

Hosted by: Carrie Lamb • Patrick Duffy

Produced by: Patrick Duffy

Fadtabulous #06 - 50’s Fads

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On this week's show we're talking about a few of the fads that made the 50's so Fadtabulous!  We start off the show with the Poodle-skirt, or Circle Skirt.  We reference the garment by the many movies it's been seen in and talk about how talented the inventor, Juli Lynne Charlot was.

Before the break we showcased the hair-style that when requested, made you get your mouth washed out with soap - the Duck's Ass.  Often referred to as duck tail or D.A., it was all the rage then...and is still around today in the form of the pompadour and the quiff! 

Afterwards we reminisced on the drive-in's of old.  We did a rundown of both the restaurants AND the Theaters.  Some are even still around today.

Carrie even stumped Duff on trivia; "Name the most commonly used “grease” for the infamous duck ass?"  Apparenty folks, it was Brylcreem.  

Next week on the show, we'll be taking a walk in someone elses shoes...Destination: Memory Lane.

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