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Patrick Duffy & Carrie Lamb showcase the best (and worst) trends, fads and crazes and give you our twisted opinions on them,  From Hypercolor to Hacky Sacks, we'll tell you if they're truly Fadtabulous or just a dud!

Hosted by: Carrie Lamb • Patrick Duffy

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Fadtabulous #05 - Classic Toys

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Hi there, you Fadtabulous humans!  Welcome to episode 5!  On today's episode we're reminiscing on classic toys of our childhood.

First up; The Yo-Yo, made famous by Duncan Toys.  These toys originated in 500 bc, Greece, and then became a craze within a trend in the 70's and 80's.

Next on the list is the allmighty Frisbee (aka. Whirlo-way;Flying Disc; Flyin' Saucer;Pluto Platter) - ANOTHER Craze within a trend!  Thanks to Fred Morrison tossing around a pie-tin, and his wife-to-be (Lucille) for throwing it back.  He was offered 25¢ for his tin, and the rest is history.

After the break we discussed the merits of our favorite gym-time pasttime, the Hula Hoop!  C'mon...you know you used to spin it backwards on the gym floor, and smile with glee as it started rolling back to you :)

Lastly on the list for today is the Hacky Sack, which is a small bag of dirt, sand or pellets.  What use does it serve?  To give stoner's something to pass with their feet, while they pass something completely different with their hands!

Mailtime: Roy from Satellite Beach, FL wrote in to fadtabulous@rogueintel.com and said:

Hey guys!  Love the show, been listening since episode 2, and have since gone back and listened to the whole series.  What happened last week [May 9th, 2017]?  Please tell me the show isn’t going anywhere but forward?!

Amy has a family, and a busy worklife...so she won't be free to do an episode for a few months.  Carrie Lamb, my partner-in-crime on Prime will be filling in for her.

Stay tuned for next week, as we'll be talking about fads and trends found in such movies as Hairspray and Grease!.


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