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Patrick Duffy & Carrie Lamb showcase the best (and worst) trends, fads and crazes and give you our twisted opinions on them,  From Hypercolor to Hacky Sacks, we'll tell you if they're truly Fadtabulous or just a dud!

Hosted by: Carrie Lamb • Patrick Duffy

Produced by: Patrick Duffy

Fadtabulous #03 - Toys of the 90's

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This weeks' episode is sure to bring back that grand ole feeling of nostalgia.  We're reminiscing over toys from our childhood and adolescence.  

First on the list is everybody's favorite furry lil' guy, the Furby from Tiger Electronics / Hasbro.  Next we talk about another fun play toy, Tickle Me Elmo!

For anyone that ever wondered what a naked T.M.E. looks like, it's down-right demented!



We also talked about the magic of POGS, Goosebumps books (from R.L. Stine) and who could forget, the Beanie Babies!

Before we leave the studio for the day, we read an email from Lauren Jones...she wrote in to talk about how much she loved our segment about Boom Boxes.

Stay tuned for next weeks' episode when we're going to be talking about all things VIRAL...and we DON'T mean catching a cold!


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