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The Daly Dose Sports Podcast is a look at the world of sports through the eyes of sports writer Clint Daly. A former basketball coach and host of the Daly Dose radio show heard in Denver, CO, Clint will guide you through the latest sports news and give you his unique opinion on today’s top stories. Sarcastic, irreverent, and insightful, the Daly Dose Sports Podcast will inform and entertain you with every episode.

Hosted by: Clint Daly

Produced by: Clint Daly

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Daly Dose #72: The college basketball postseason awards

Released on Wednesday, April 13th 2016 @ 5:25PM

This week Clint hands out some college basketball season-end awards! We also take a look at five overrated players in the upcoming NFL Draft, and talk some NBA playoff scenarios. Plus we count down the Top 5 Least Outstanding Players of the NCAA Tournament in history!


Daly Dose #71: A Wild(cat) finish to March Madness

Released on Wednesday, April 6th 2016 @ 5:25PM

This week Clint breaks down a wild finish in the NCAA Championship game. Talking NBA playoff match-ups, Major League Baseball, and some NFL news, plus the Top 5 NCAA Championship shots of all time!


Daly Dose #70: The Spring Break Episode

Released on Wednesday, March 30th 2016 @ 5:25PM

This week on the Daly Dose Sports Podcast Clint is in Winter Park for spring break! Joined by Larry from Centennial, they discuss March Madness, NFL news, and count down the Top 5 surprise teams to make the Final Four.


Daly Dose #69: The Sweet 16

Released on Wednesday, March 23rd 2016 @ 5:25PM

Clint recaps March Madness so far, and previews the Sweet 16. We take a look at the new NFL rules and some NBA stories. Plus we count down the biggest last minute comebacks in NCAA basketball history!


Daly Dose #68: The March Madness Preview

Released on Wednesday, March 16th 2016 @ 5:25PM

Clint recaps the past week in NFL free agency and then breaks down some of the top stories, players and teams to watch in March Madness. Plus the Top 5 mistakes that people make when they fill out their NCAA Basketball bracket!


Daly Dose #67: The legacy of Peyton Manning

Released on Wednesday, March 9th 2016 @ 4:25PM

This week Clint talks NBA stories and some college hoops including who the #1 seeds in the NCAA Tournament could be. Then a discussion about NFL free agency and a look back at the incredible career of quarterback Peyton Manning. Finally, Clint counts down the Top 5 future jobs for Peyton’s post football career! 


Daly Dose #66: The Oscar Awards

Released on Wednesday, March 2nd 2016 @ 4:25PM

Clint breaks down some of the news in the NFL, NBA, and college basketball and is joined by Larry from Centennial to talk about their favorite sports movies. Then he counts down the Top 5 sports movies that you can watch again and again!


Daly Dose #65: The best players on the worst teams

Released on Wednesday, February 24th 2016 @ 4:25PM

Clint talks about the NBA trade deadline. Who were the winners and losers? Plus a little talk about the NFL Combine and the bizarre questions that get asked. We dip into the Daly Dose mailbag and read some of your questions and then count down the Top 5 Best players that were stuck on the worst teams in history. 


Daly Dose #64: The NBA midseason report

Released on Wednesday, February 17th 2016 @ 4:25PM

Clint hands out some NFL postseason awards. John from the Inland Empire stops by to talk about the NBA at the midseason point and discusses a surprise team that could win it all. And Clint counts down the Top 5 worst songs that are played at sporting events and why they need to stop.


Daly Dose #63: The Super Bowl 50 recap

Released on Wednesday, February 10th 2016 @ 4:25PM

Clint recaps Super Bowl 50 and the Denver Broncos beating the Carolina Panthers. Plus some breaking news, a few guests stop by to talk about the game, and then we count down the Top 5 worst performances by Super Bowl winning quarterbacks. 


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