Cooper Powers (Coop)

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Coop loves watching movies (new or old), and has a level of affinity for science fiction that make people chuckle nervously before changing the subject to something more topical and, you know, real.

Stagnation breeds contempt...and Coop hates standing still.

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Unquote #18: You had me at Unquote, so show me the podcast!

Released on Tuesday, January 31st 2017 @ 8:36PM

Well folks, its the last episode of Unquote for the foreseeable future! Thanks to all the friends, family,and fans for your continued support and love! I sat down with Patrick Alexander again to talk about Jerry Maguire. Tom Cruise runs, Cuba Gooding Jr. is actually a cool guy, and the golden rule about shoplifting is revealed. Thanks for everything y'all!


Listen here at the new hosting site! 



Unquote #17:Listeners, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore...

Released on Friday, November 18th 2016 @ 7:01PM

Suicide, HD remakes, and trivia, oh my! This week the Rogue Intel wizard and DJ behind the curtain is Duff! We talk about the Wizard of Oz's long lasting impact and how its up to us to prevent corruption of today's youth.  AFI's Top 100 list has a triple threat quote this episode with numbers #4, #23, and #99. Don't fall asleep in the poppies!


Unquote #16: Go ahead, listen to this podcast...

Released on Sunday, October 2nd 2016 @ 9:47PM


Greetings fans! Unquote is back this week with #6 on AFI's Top 100 Movie Quotes. Prepare to squint like Clint this week as Dirty Harry takes the quote stage. This week is brief but potent! Also, Unquote will be coming to an end unfortunately. I have had a great time making these episodes and am so thankful for the Rogue Intel Network for hosting my show! Only 4 more episodes until the series finale so stay tuned.



Unquote #15: You're gonna need a bigger podcast...

Released on Sunday, July 31st 2016 @ 9:16PM


Number 35 on AFI's list is a fish tale of epic proportions!  Will and I talk about Jaws and how being a procrastinator can save your life! Dive in and enjoy!



Unquote #14: Unquote, for lack of a better word, is good

Released on Sunday, June 5th 2016 @ 6:51PM


This week is #57 on AFI's list. My guest Patrick and I discuss the almighty dollar, why nickels and dimes scare me, and why we missed out on the early dune buggy investment game. We could've made a killing!

Special post roll of Unquote is me listing my top 5 favorite movies!


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Friends of Rogue Intel: The Earth Collective - Perhaps the next best thing to Firefly!

Greetings from the Rogue Intel HQ.  Duff here.  We've had Mike Troup on the Prime podcast before, but wanted to make a special mention of his podcast: The Earth Collective.

The Podcast

The Earth Collective is an epic story, told through the eyes of... read more

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What did You guys think of Episode One?

I'm already at work on episode Two, but what do you want to see going forward?


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