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Prime #213 - Make Some Noise, People!

Released on Monday, September 18th 2017 @ 12:00AM

Today we finally got to hang out with friend of the Rogue Intel network, Jimie Williams.

Show Topics:

Jimie talks about why he doesn’t drive, gives us some dirt on Touche El Douche and also gave us an inside look at the Yet-to-be-released movie, The Process.

Not to mention, we did...


Prime #212 - Casting Couch

Released on Monday, September 4th 2017 @ 12:00AM

Today's guest was originally going to be Jimie Williams from the Touche El Douche podcast...but he didn't show (Did he get shot in Detroit, again?)

Show Topics:

Today we reflected on the week past, ramble on about Mexican food and Mike gets ordained live on the show, in preparation for Duff & Carrie's wedding.

Bad dad, baby proofing to the extreme (Bangor Daily News)


Prime #211 - There's One Kid at the Pool

Released on Monday, August 28th 2017 @ 12:00AM

Show Topics:     

Duff actually helped Cyrenic with their new single! (YouTube)

MIke & Duff talk about Country music

YouTube TV is FINALLY available in the Baltimore area...but wait, NOT SO FAST!


Prime #210 - Manchild the Magnificent

Released on Monday, August 21st 2017 @ 12:00AM

Show Topics:

A lot has been going on in the Prime household, lately.  Our producer has been exercising lately and has lost 20+ lbs.  Mike's daughter is getting so big, and outgrowing her clothes like babies tend to do.  Carrie?  Well she's awesome as usual.

On the second half of the show, we talk about something that happened this week, with another producer on the network.


Prime #209 - Wonderful Things to your Backside

Released on Monday, August 7th 2017 @ 12:00AM

Show Topics:

Momma B (Duff's Mom) guests on the show, and pimps her new Art channel that everyone's been talking about.

You can find Melissa's work at 70 Acres on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Carrie & Duff tell us more about Carrie's arting ('s a word) endeavors and announce the name of her "studio."


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Friends of Rogue Intel: The Earth Collective - Perhaps the next best thing to Firefly!

Greetings from the Rogue Intel HQ.  Duff here.  We've had Mike Troup on the Prime podcast before, but wanted to make a special mention of his podcast: The Earth Collective.

The Podcast

The Earth Collective is an epic story, told through the eyes of... read more

Episode 1

What did You guys think of Episode One?

I'm already at work on episode Two, but what do you want to see going forward?


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