Friends of Rogue Intel: The Earth Collective - Perhaps the next best thing to Firefly!


Greetings from the Rogue Intel HQ.  Duff here.  We've had Mike Troup on the Prime podcast before, but wanted to make a special mention of his podcast: The Earth Collective.

The Podcast

The Earth Collective is an epic story, told through the eyes of Joseph Crane; mankind's self-proclaimed 'last historian'.  Set about 800 years in the future, Joseph is a mechanic who's primary goal is to document humanity.  To tell the stories of humanity as a whole, and as individuals. The podcast itself is bi-weekly & bite sized, due to Joseph's trickle-charged battery cell - the only source of power for his recorder.  

The Verdict

Mike Troup is a captivating story teller, and always leaves the listener wanting more.  His voice is perfect for the roll of Joseph Crane, but what really sucked me in was his story-line.  I don't think I've heard great monologues like his since the days of Firefly (Joss Whedon).  The main character in fact, reminds me of a more-serious (but just as damaged) Malcolm Reynolds!

A definite MUST LISTEN! 

Check out the pilot for'll find that before too long you'll have listened to the rest of them!

The Earth Collective


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