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Ted L. Dewshay was born in a small wood cabin (twice) in a time when such achievements were not taken lightly, but orally.  Taken to the streets rather than be from them, the vistas widened as L-Dew grew out of a desperate need to age, each year giving himself a sillier nickname.  Seventy two hundred thirty million years later, and just when you thought it was safe to go surfing on a black hole, the remains of this man, who crawled through space to get there, are re-assembled through the cosmos as audio wave forms, and when the head-hurtingly loud pierce screams are re-interpreted by our conscience here in what we jokingly call 'modern day,' it sounds less like a Throbbing Gristle outtake and more like three guys talking about movies and politics.  Key word: 'like.'

Hosted by: James Edward Williams • Shawn McBee • Trevor Thompson

Produced by: Trevor Thompson

Touché El Douché

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TED No Show 10 - It Is Claimed In Victory

Released on Sunday, July 31st 2016 @ 10:17AM

The DNC is taking over the world, both yours and ours, so we don’t have a new podcast for this week, so it’s No Show time, this one recorded back in April. Shawn, Trevor and Jimie talk about everything from Game of Thrones (this was back when Trevor hadn’t seen a single episode), being a dad, how much intelligence is a part of creativity, and the good and bad sides of street performing. And the blooming of a young Lindsay Lohan.


TED Episode 90 - Turks Vs. Jerks: Dawn Of Social Justice

Released on Sunday, July 24th 2016 @ 12:14PM

This year’s Republican National Convention was the most, just the most. It was the battle ground for two internet journalists, Alex Jones (InfoWars) and The Young Turks. Also, Jon Stewart took over Colbert’s Late Show desk to show how Fox News doesn’t care about politics, so much as being Republicans. It’s pretty political, so Shawn, Trevor and Jimie talk about the internet’s ruining of Ghostbusters, and Leslie Jones leaving Twitter. Also, this is the first time Jimie joins via Skype and not a crappy phone connection, so I guess the show’s growing.


TED Episode 89 - Last Comic Stroking (Bustin' Makes Them Feel Good)

Released on Sunday, July 17th 2016 @ 9:52AM

Marc Summers owns Double Dare and Nickelodeon doesn’t care. Also? Comedian Jen Kirkman claims that another fellow comic (who she doesn’t name but is more than likely, by her description, Louis CK) made her watch as he masturbated. Shawn and Trevor also talk a little bit about the new Ghostbusters, Game of Thrones and also try, unsuccessfully, to contact the outside world (by way of The Vaglica Show) and some jerk-off on Yelp. Spoilers: it goes nowhere.


TED Episode 88 - Noah's Lark

Released on Sunday, July 10th 2016 @ 3:04PM

Jimie missed a great episode. Shawn brings a story to the show about a rich Christian who recreated Noah’s Ark.... after 6 years and several million dollars, which shows... a great level of faith? The duo also discuss rock stars getting in trouble when their lyrics are misinterpreted, a sketch comedy show Shawn and Trevor shot and pitched to Comedy Central in the 90s and the details of some little show no one’s heard of called Game of Thrones.


TED No Show 9 - Independence Day

Released on Monday, July 4th 2016 @ 12:21AM

Shawn and Trevor spend Independence Day Weekend discussing the failed filming of the second episode of Trevor Yells At Rich People’s Houses with Janine, stop motion animation and Coraline, the Power Glove and The Wizard, and stories of nerdy kid life. The show ends featuring Shawn’s Gollum impression vs. Trevor’s Bane impression and a lengthy discussion about the newspaper comics via Calvin and Hobbes.


TED Episode 87 - "I Didn't Know."

Released on Sunday, June 26th 2016 @ 1:39PM

Customer service nightmares, Jimie directing hot crazy girls in his movie The Process, and problems with his daughter Sara and the Hillbilly Brigade that is his baby mama’s family are among the things discussed in the first half of the podcast. When the trio return from the break, much time, derision and discussion is spent on Donald Trump’s assassination attempt, the Orlando mass shooting, conspiracy theorists who are silly and also stupid fucking dumb dick Scott Baio. They also watch and review Hasan Minhaj’s address at the Radio and TV Correspondents Association Dinner. It was totally rad. Also, apparently Trevor was wrong about something and apologizes.


TED Episode 86 - Anne's Sellery

Released on Sunday, June 19th 2016 @ 12:44PM

Well, it’s finally happened, folks. Trevor, after moving to Atlanta from Florida to pursue a career in the TV/film industry, finally got a PA job in the art department of a Melissa McCarthy movie that Shawn is working on. This leads to a lot of talk about the job, and somehow, stories about high school. After the break, Shawn and Trevor discuss Trent Reznor’s most recent comments about YouTube’s copyright battles with its users. They end the show with their favorite lines from Harold & Maude... for reasons unknown.


TED Episode 85 - So Let Me Introduce To You The One And Only Titi Pierce

Released on Sunday, June 12th 2016 @ 12:38PM

Listen, it’s not Ellen’s fault you have a silly name, Titi. This episode, if it were heard by the people it complains about, would fix so many of the world’s problems. Like the anti-vaxxers. They’re mad at a funny video that a 12-year old made. After the break, Shawn and Trevor talk about the Paul is Dead theory, Scrubs, Garfunkel and Oats, and just before the show wrap-up, we learn that Canadian singer Bryan Adams is actually a cunt.


TED Episode 84 - Errors Of Comedy

Released on Sunday, June 5th 2016 @ 1:03PM

If you listen often and hate the soundboard drops, you might work for a company called Ambrosia Software, the company that makes Soundboard, an app that Shawn bought to use for the drops. It crashes all the time, and does at the top of the show, prompting Shawn to tell us about his journey with their non-existent customer service. Trevor, meanwhile, has watched the first two seasons of Gotham, so he talks about it... a lot. Then, after the break, Jimie joins the program and the three talk about a video which sets out to prove that Amy Schumer is a deliberate joke thief and that ‘parallel thinking,’ which is what Schumer attributes the similarities to her material and that of other comics, isn’t real.


TED Episode 83 - As Above, Disco Below

Released on Tuesday, May 31st 2016 @ 3:44AM

Well howdy there, cowpokes. Y’all ever notice how hacker technology looks weird in movies and TV? Well, if a six-toothed hayseed like me can notice that, obvious it very much is. Shawn and Trevor noticed how also noticed it. They also talk about apps, how Donald Trump is probably a performance artist, and Trevor’s new diet. When they get back from the break, they talk, at length, about Batman v Snyder v Nolan and what can only be described as Todd McFarlane v Image Comics.


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