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Ted L. Dewshay was born in a small wood cabin (twice) in a time when such achievements were not taken lightly, but orally.  Taken to the streets rather than be from them, the vistas widened as L-Dew grew out of a desperate need to age, each year giving himself a sillier nickname.  Seventy two hundred thirty million years later, and just when you thought it was safe to go surfing on a black hole, the remains of this man, who crawled through space to get there, are re-assembled through the cosmos as audio wave forms, and when the head-hurtingly loud pierce screams are re-interpreted by our conscience here in what we jokingly call 'modern day,' it sounds less like a Throbbing Gristle outtake and more like three guys talking about movies and politics.  Key word: 'like.'

Hosted by: James Edward Williams • Shawn McBee • Trevor Thompson

Produced by: Trevor Thompson

Touché El Douché

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TED Episode 99 - The Gulp Review

Released on Wednesday, October 12th 2016 @ 1:40PM

Emmy Rossum is always naked on Shameless. The gang also talk about Donald Trump’s grabbing technique. And then they talk more about The Process, a movie they made.


TED Episode 98 - Girl Manterrupted

Released on Wednesday, September 28th 2016 @ 11:35AM

This week TEDheads, “Shorty, Blacky and Tits” talk about a mother in England who is forcing her 15 year old daughter into a labiaplasty and that segues, naturally, into discussing the first presidential debate of 2016. After the break they discuss Trevor’s gas leak, Anne Colter’s roast jokes that she wrote, how Trevor’s a joke thief, and that Jimie’s done with Bill Maher. Lastly, we end with good news about Alexis Arquette’s sex tape (spoilers: you’ll never see it).


TED Episode 97 - Why Is Everyone So Fucking Stupid?

Released on Wednesday, September 21st 2016 @ 12:34PM

Dead comedians, Ice Cube’s name, Hilary Clinton’s suicide friend and Michelle Obama is a bad bitch. For starters. Then, the gang talk C. Martin Croker’s untimely passing and then Jimie brings up Sam Harris and Hannibal Buress’s falling out on Joe Rogan’s show. Second half of the show the gang talk about The Process, rape jokes at Apple’s HR, the iPhone 7 vs. Samsung 7, and the softball issue of mind control through freedom of speech.


TED Episode 96 - Alexis By Any Other Name

Released on Thursday, September 15th 2016 @ 1:07PM

Alexis Arquette passed away, and Jimie and Trevor knew her, so we’re treated to some great stories and memories, one of which includes Laurie Metcalf. Then, the gang talk falling Hillary, Shelley Duval and Sissy Spacek via Popeye vs. The Shining. Then, Jimie and Trevor praise The Peanuts Movie, Shawn reviews the Rob Lowe Roast and they discuss Anne Coulter’s performance and then play SNL comic’s Pete Davidson’s. Guess which is funnier.


TED Episode 95 - Fahrenheit 7-11

Released on Wednesday, September 7th 2016 @ 9:02AM

Jimie thinks that if you think Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are funny then you’re retarded, while Trevor and Shawn think he’s retarded for thinking that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler aren’t funny. Labor Day weekend was exhausting for Shawn, who had way too much fun at DragonCon, the poor dear. Then, we learn that Hulk Hogan caused 911 and that Donald Trump confused it with 7-11. For real. This leads to discussion of why the system is shouldn’t be trusted, how George Carlin said it best, and how black people don’t tip white people. Wait, what?


TED Episode 94 - In a World of Pure Discrimination

Released on Wednesday, August 31st 2016 @ 11:08PM

This week’s show is full of goodbyes, friends. We said goodbye to Jimie (who will presumably be back next week) when he could not be found on Skype. We said goodbye (again) to Mike Peter and his IRN (Internet Radio Network) and, like the rest of the world, we said goodbye to the wonderful Gene Wilder. Also this week, Trevor got an awesome haircut by telling the girl at Supercuts to ‘make me fuckable.’ Hardly seems relevant, though.


TED Episode 93 - Was The N Word Being Bandied About?

Released on Wednesday, August 24th 2016 @ 2:49PM

Jimie’s daughter is suing him for millions, you guys. This leads to war stories from making his movie The Process, which Shawn, Trevor and Janine worked on. And then, before the break, we talk Jon Voight interactions, broken mic stands, and Howard Stern, who apparently hates podcasts. Then, Shawn learns about World Star Hip Hop, Trevor laments the loss of Star Trax, and the two start to do tech talk about equipment needed to do the show with video and going live, a subject that puts Jimie to sleep.


TED Last Episode Ever.... of a Sunday

Released on Sunday, August 21st 2016 @ 12:23PM

We're moving! TED is going from Sundays to Wednesdays. HUMP DAY BITCHES! You'll probably agree that we'll sound better on Wednesdays, so be sure to come back here in three days for an all new show! In the meantime, click above for a bonus feature.


TED Episode 92 - Still Got Caught (Still Got Caught)

Released on Sunday, August 14th 2016 @ 12:59AM

Suicide Squad came out last week. Shawn and Jimie saw it. Jimie hated it and Shawn loved it. Trevor was also present during the conversation, as he is wont to be. Then when they came back from break, Trevor felt he must talk some more, so he asked Shawn and Jimie a question about Trump and democracy, and they spent the rest of the show answering that question as Trevor occasionally made jokes and played drops. Unlike previous episodes.


TED Episode 91 - Did You Get That Thing I Sent You?

Released on Sunday, August 7th 2016 @ 12:16PM

Last week was a No Show because Shawn was a no show. He and Trevor got into an argument on Facebook and Shawn was so mad that he sat the week out. The first half of the show is them defending themselves while Jimie moderates by being contrary. Second half of the show is sex positions of fat people, Stranger Things, Fawlty Towers, Trainwreck, stand up comedy movies, Kurt Russell and Michael Douglas’s brief stint at Disney, and finally, the art of real in movies vs. the feeling of real in movies.


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