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Trevor has been making movies since he was a small child. With a camera, a towel and a loose understanding of what "crimefighting" is, he wrote and directed his first Batman movie around the age of 6. He followed it up with such Thompson Family Blockbusters as "Alvin and the Chimpmunks meet the Chipettes" and "Batman Part 2" before moving on to more serious fare once he reached High School. There, he joined the Radio/TV/Film department of his Visual and Performing Arts school where he learned all there was to know about linear editing and analog video production. And then the digital video revolution happened as soon as he graduated. Oh, well.
He continued working on projects, many with Shawn, from sketch comedy series to an avant garde mocu/documentary/narrative feature and much in-between. Many of those efforts are best enjoyed on this very podcast. If, indeed, "enjoyed" is the word.

Trevor's Podcasts:

TED Episode 129: Some Kind of Retard

Released on Wednesday, June 21st 2017 @ 9:27AM

Shawn, Trevor and Jimie start with a voicemail from Patrick Duffy, which leads to old radio stories and then Trevor talks about last Thursday when he got booed on stage.  Also, wood on cars?

After the break, the guys discuss seeing Tori Amos live in concert, the science (or lack thereof) at the end of Back to the Future Part Two and then they get into a discussion about science vs. religion.


Table Reads Ep. 53: Roger Rabbit 2: Toon Patrol, Part 4

Released on Tuesday, June 20th 2017 @ 6:13PM

In part 4 of the too-good-not-to-have-been-made Roger Rabbit 2: Toon Patrol, our brave, ink-based heroes (and their human friends) are fully engaged in war against the Nazis, fighting for love, and up against a nefarious plot to kill the leaders of the Allied Forces! Meanwhile, Shawn and Trevor keep hoping for something to make this script bad enough to be worthy of this show, but are disappointed as it just keeps being excellent!


TED Episode 128: Pick a Race Card

Released on Wednesday, June 14th 2017 @ 11:39AM

Shawn listens as Trevor and Jimie break down how Ice Cube is full of shit for not defending Bill Maher’s house nigger joke, and then the gang discuss another comedian who shouldn’t have apologized: Kathy Griffin.

Then on the flip side, we get some brief Hollywood history with a discussion about the ‘Wilhelm Scream’ and then the show ends with news that Bill Cosby’s lawyer, six minutes into the trial, was basically like, ‘fuck it.’


Table Reads Ep. 52: Roger Rabbit 2: Toon Patrol, Part 3

Released on Tuesday, June 13th 2017 @ 9:13AM

The 52nd Episode of Table Reads marks one full year of content on our show! (Please ignore how long it took to make it to one year... time is relative). 

This Anniversary episode, we see Roger Rabbit, his friends, and all the other Toons from Toontown join in the war effort against the Nazis! That's right, THIS is the Toon Patrol of the title. Turns out, the movie isn't just about the weasels in Judge Doom's employ. Sort of a confusing subtitle to use for this particular prequel, huh?


TED No Show 13 - You Can't Blame Country For This

Released on Wednesday, June 7th 2017 @ 12:56PM

The show starts with Shawn apparently forgetting that these No Shows are recorded ‘in a void’ because he starts talking about Trump news which was current weeks ago when this was recorded, but by now sounds positively retro.  Then they talk about that one
time Shawn got high and suggest he might again for the show.


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