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Trevor has been making movies since he was a small child. With a camera, a towel and a loose understanding of what "crimefighting" is, he wrote and directed his first Batman movie around the age of 6. He followed it up with such Thompson Family Blockbusters as "Alvin and the Chimpmunks meet the Chipettes" and "Batman Part 2" before moving on to more serious fare once he reached High School. There, he joined the Radio/TV/Film department of his Visual and Performing Arts school where he learned all there was to know about linear editing and analog video production. And then the digital video revolution happened as soon as he graduated. Oh, well.
He continued working on projects, many with Shawn, from sketch comedy series to an avant garde mocu/documentary/narrative feature and much in-between. Many of those efforts are best enjoyed on this very podcast. If, indeed, "enjoyed" is the word.

Trevor's Podcasts:

Table Reads Ep. 50: Roger Rabbit 2: Toon Patrol, Part 1

Released on Tuesday, May 23rd 2017 @ 10:51AM

In honor of Table Reads reaching 50 episodes, we have a special treat that breaks tradition: A legitimately GOOD script! 
That's right, the aborted prequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, it turns out, is a genuinely good, fun read. But it's our special treat to you and not just an accident because we don't read these things in advance, no sir.


TED Episode 125: Adorable and Delicious!

Released on Wednesday, May 17th 2017 @ 9:50AM

So Shawn lets the show go on for ten seconds before talking about Comey’s firing and the likelihood that Trump will be impeached.  Then the guys talk about Chris Elliott, Galaxy Quest and what they would each do if they won the lottery (totally not hack!!).

On Side 2, SBAT (Shorty, Blacky and Tits... write it down) talk about drummers, Axl Rose performing with AC/DC in a cast, Wesley Snipes’s tax dodging and hopes for a good Janis Joplin movie.


Table Reads ep. 49 - The Crow 3, part 6 (Finale)

Released on Tuesday, May 16th 2017 @ 2:50AM

It's the shocking finale of The Crow 3: Resurrection (of the 80s)! That's right, the late-90s homage to the best of 80s Cop Action Flicks Wrapped in a Crow Premise finally wraps up as we discover the secret of the bad guy's plot, establish The Crow in the familiar face-painted guise we're familiar with and find out what the hell the creature in that box is! 


TED Episode 124: Romans Are the New Spearchuckers

Released on Wednesday, May 10th 2017 @ 1:24PM

Mike Jenkins from Prime joins us for a conversation about how very old we all are, Trevor’s drunk antics on Prime, Jimie’s bad profile picture on this infographic, and then Jimie’s family troubles.


Table Reads ep. 48 - The Crow 3, Part 5

Released on Tuesday, May 9th 2017 @ 1:30AM

Kato and his partner Sarah are finally reunited, but Kato is promptly taken away by men in white coats because no one believes that he's part of a secret government agency under the direct purview of the president. 

Also, Lacking a Danny or a Kelly for the girl roles, Shawn attempts to read Sarah as Jim Gaffigan's "audience thought" voice for the entire script. 

Will Kato convince his partner that he's a super secret agent? Will we ever see some Crow-style makeup? Will this script ever begin to make any amount of sense?? To find out, Listen and Subscribe!!


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Greetings from the Rogue Intel HQ.  Duff here.  We've had Mike Troup on the Prime podcast before, but wanted to make a special mention of his podcast: The Earth Collective.

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