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Duff is a man of many different hats. He's an I.T. engineer by day, but that is only a very small aspect of who he is. An avid techie with a warped sense of humor and a love for family, music & dogs, Duff is one of the most dynamic (not to mention loudest) people you'll ever meet.

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Prime #205 - BYOB: Bring Your Own Brick

Released on Monday, June 26th 2017 @ 12:00AM

Carrie Celebrates the first Purgie Awards, and Momma B even calls in with a "Purge" of her own!

Show Topics:

Samsung has a new monitor that is SURE to make Carrie Drool (Verge)

New Hampshire Republicans Accidentally Pass Law Allowing Pregnant Women To Kill People (Huff Po)


Fadtabulous #09 - Dance Crazes

Released on Tuesday, June 20th 2017 @ 12:00AM

Today we're talking all about the dances of our childhood...well, maybe not all of our childhoods.  Even if you're a young'n, we're sure you've heard of and/or seen them around.

We reminisce over the classic dances of the 50's and 60's - The Twist and the Loco-Motion.  After the break discuss the validity of the Disco dance moves seen the world around.  Moves like the Bump, the Electric Slide, The Hustle...and even the Y.M.C.A!

We end things on a modern note, and talk about the "Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae," made famous by Silento.


Prime #204 - We're Not Gonna Say That

Released on Monday, June 19th 2017 @ 12:00AM

Show Topics:

Let’s talk E3! (Youtube Trends | Videos)

Atari is indeed working on a new console (Engadget)

Stupid people (Click Orlando)


Fadtabulous #08 - Diet Fads

Released on Tuesday, June 13th 2017 @ 12:00AM

Diet fads have always been a part of pop-culture: They all promised weight loss and natural energy boosts, but do any of these really work?  Today we’re talking about a few of the most popular ones.

The Cabbage Soup diet promised 10 pounds weightloss in just one week, and Atkins swore up and down that you could eat as much fatty meat and cheeses, but none of them were permanent solutions.  Even juicing or eating an all-paleolithic/gluten-free diet can wreak havoc on your body.

There are two things to take from today's episode:


Prime #203 - Very Respectful Roaches

Released on Monday, June 12th 2017 @ 12:00AM

Show Topics:

Stranger Things Soundtrack Coming to...CASSETTE?!! (Engadget)

Mike tells us the latest news about his daughter and an ex co-worker of his, who fired himself!

We also shared our favorite YouTube channels.


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Friends of Rogue Intel: The Earth Collective - Perhaps the next best thing to Firefly!

Greetings from the Rogue Intel HQ.  Duff here.  We've had Mike Troup on the Prime podcast before, but wanted to make a special mention of his podcast: The Earth Collective.

The Podcast

The Earth Collective is an epic story, told through the eyes of... read more

Episode 1

What did You guys think of Episode One?

I'm already at work on episode Two, but what do you want to see going forward?


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